Chemical Storage Tanks

Chemical Storage Tanks

Kaveri Industrial Containers

Description :
These cylindrical vertical containers are made from Virgin Polymer in Natural Colour.
  • CST MODEL: These are open top (Full Size Manhole) and are available in a range from 60 Ltrs to 2,000 Ltrs.
  • WST MODEL: These are regular type of tanks with small Manhole. These are available in a wide range from 1,000 Ltrs to 20,000 Ltrs.

Colours Available in:  Black, Natural White

CST Model Dimensions :
SI No Capacity Diameter Height
Litres MM Without Lid With Lid
1 60 415 470 495
2 100 445 730 760
3 220 665 710 755
4 500 810 1045 1090
5 1000 985 1475 1535
6 2000 1450 1375 1460

Chemical Storage Tanks

Description :

KAVERI Chemical Storage Tanks, Processing Trolley’s and Industrial containers are manufactured out of specially chosen grades of virgin polymer with world class sophisticated machines under natural atmosphere by adhering stringent quality standards so as to ensure product is of best in-class and durable. Seamless design ensures uniform wall thickness across the structure so as to assure safety of containers thus KAVERI brand products are value for money and a wise investment in long term. These chemical and industrial containers have wide acceptance among chemical processing , pharma , food processing , animal nutrition , garments and segment across industries.

Available In :

Single Layer
Natural : For Indoor Applications Only
Black : For Indoor or Outdoor Application

Highlights :
  • Resistant to most of the alkaline, acids, milk, food pulp etc
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Highly Durable and Cost Effective
  • Homogenous and strong construction
  • Molded in state-of-the-art machines to ensure uniform wall thickness
  • Made from special industrial grades of polyethylene
  • On site expert support on installation and fitment fixing
  • Available in both UV resistant black color for outdoor application and natural for in house application
SI NoCapacityDimensionsHole Size for Fittings
 LitresDiameterHeightManhole DimInletOutletOverflow

Industrial Drums

Description :
These drums are made from Virgin Food Grade Material (FDA Approved) and are also available in Natural Colours (without mixing any additives) and are safe for drinking water purpose. They are available in 3 sizes.
SI NoCapacityOverall dimensions in Inches